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Simple low carb diet plan for pregnancy

The food that you are taking In pregnancy time is mostly depends upon some festers such as, how much you need to lose or gain your body weight and what exercise you are doing before of during pregnancy. So a professional midwife or a lady health worker will always helpful for these conditions. So some times the condition is that you need to be consider all the food as a general guideline, mean some time the condition is that there is no need to be very precise, or take general food that you are taking in routine.

Pregnancy low carb diet plan

There are some basic foods that we take in routine, the ward low crab mean that the food that according to your body help to maintain the best optimize geometrical and physical conditions of body. So the most general food that we take in routine are meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, milk, coconut oil, fatty acids, sweets, and the foods that are need to be avoid, when we talk about low carb mean the general criteria we take to lose weight generally so the things that need to be avoid in the pregnancy period when it comes to reduce the weight are. Most generally sugar, wheat oils, other fatty acid that might tough to digest, trans fats are the food that has processed a lot should also need to stop or quit from the diet plan.

So here we will include some of the food that should be taken as low carb, mean that are generally focused on pregnancy and breastfeeding. So the general foods that enhance the breastfeeding and make a compatible diet include.

  • The morning sickness is the most general thing that every pregnant women have to face in this time period. The protein is the best thing that uproot this morning sickness and make every morning fresher and light. According to research point of view the minimum amount of protein that should be taken in pre pregnancy food or during pregnancy diet plan is 80 gram or more. This amount of protein every day make you healthy and make a lower risk of preclampsia or many other complications that may associate in this time can also be overcome with this food proportion.

  • So in the 8th month of pregnancy diet, the food that need to be include is good fats. At this stage the development brain and major organs of baby are on final stages and fats are necessary for batter growth. So ladies must take good fats and need to be focus on the fatty acids that are good for health and easy to digest. Coconut oil good for weight lose and also it is the best fats provider in the pregnancy time, that is easy to digest may include extra virgin coconut oil.

  • So when we talk about the crab food, the fruits and vegetables are the major parts of diet plan. In the 2nd month of pregnancy diet, the vitamins are most important or may certain scratch joint pains can also arise. So to overcome with all these situations one must include good amount and verity of fruits and vegetables in the food dairy.

  • In the pregnancy time the women is consuming a lots of water, the baby that is consuming food in the form of liquid so for the good blood circulation and for replashment the amniotic fluid to the baby water is best remedy to all these factors. So drink as much as you can is good for both baby and mother.

low carb diet recipes:

Here we have diet plan of carb food day by day. The menu is taken from the nutrition specialist Dr.Halary.

Food for first day:

  • In the breakfast you need some high calories that food the it has consumed a lots in whole night.

Fried egg and fresh salad of vegetables and fruits are general food that must be include.

  • In the lunch the food must be full of energy and must contain fats and that easy to digest and good for health.

The lunch must include yogurt , good healthy fruits like BlackBerry, water and coconut milk and handful amount of almonds.

  • The dinner not so heavy, it can be corn soup with out chilly sauce, cheese, white chicken and rice are good.

Food for 2nd day:

  • so in this time of pregnancy there must be verity of foods because, you may become angry with same food daily, so the 2nd day breakfast should include bacon, bread, eggs and a glass of juice.

  • In the lunch you can take rice and cheese that has left over last night. Must take vegetable salad.

  • In dinner little portion of butter with salmon and boiled vegetable soup should include.

Food for 3rd day:

  • so it is the third day you are going to take potato stick fries with fried in coconut oil, with a cup of coconut water, egg and vegetables, tosted butter.

  • In the lunch salad with olives, chicken corn soup, shrimp and little fish.

  • At night a glass of low fat milk with fruit salad or grilled chicken boneless kabab.

Food for 4th day:

  • The food in the breakfast of day four should have omelet with bread, vegetables, fruit juice and fried chicken pieces.

  • In lunch coconut milk, grilled fish, berries must be taken.

  • Meat soup and chicken stakes and vegetable soup.

So these were some food that are called as low carb and the diet menu that must taken in the pregnancy. Hope these diet dairy of low carb diet plan for pregnancy from the Pregnancy Hour team will assure your healthy pregnancy.

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