In the particular pregnancy exercise you must known about the facts about pregnancy generally what to eat during pregnancy or what type of vaccination during pregnancy need to take. Here are some safety of flu and pertussis vaccines during pregnancy need to be taken.

safety is the first attention to the pregnancy, even a little issue about health may make you sick. The commonly recommended vaccine during time period of pregnancy are reported in two separate studies, these vaccines provides best protection to the flu and whooping cough.

It is published in the influenza vaccine paper that pooled the findings of seven studies that are taken previously that lower risk of stillbirth and miscarriage in women who receive H1N1 flu vaccines during pregnancy as compared to those who have not taken, or unvaccinated women.

The new research and study found that an apparent protection from the vaccine associated with a low risk of pregnancy miscarriage and lower risk of stillbirth in the vaccinated women. So it is said that there is no biological explanation about that fact that how these vaccination helps also to cure these basic problems of miscarriage or stillbirth, but it is found that there is a close association to these vaccine. The fact also shows that the reduction in inflammation in those who were vaccinated. The main focus on the H1N1 strain is also play a vital role In the controlled trials of flu vaccination during pregnancy.