The first thing here we want to tell you that why you need to detect ovulation. Ovulation has a vital important or play vital role in fertility. When you are six days during your menstrual cycle means that when you are fertile and could become pregnant, if you are making love. So this window say fertile window will tell about the day that you are pregnant. The fertile window will help u about the point that when you are generally conceives. Mainly it is expected that you are most fertile in the two days before you ovulate.

Ovulation summerySome time you may have problem, having irregular cycle, you are having irregular meetings with your partner, means you should aware about the window. Knowing   these circumstances will help you that the chart you should follow in lead up to ovulation. However the lead up timing for the few days of greatest fertility may case you stressful.  So chart or a regular cycle will help you to save misconception.

How you know when you are ovulating:

PregnancyHour team providing you the vast knowledge,So the main thing is to know that when you are ovulate. The general symptoms that are known worldwide you have to identify your most fertile days by checking the major hormonal signs in your body. Here are some key points that will make you capable to recognize that ovulation is happening or you are in your high fertile days.

  • Felling of one sided backache or lower back pain.
  • Tenderness (mittelschmerz) in your tummy. May be lasts for few minutes or hours.

These are not last but least points to check your Ovulation but there are certain other parameters that will ensure this, you have to check other parameters to be more prescribe.

  • When your menstrual cycle starts you have to check your cervical mucus on daily bases, you have to check your underwear and toilet tissue daily, you feel that it will change on daily bases.
  • Near the ovulation cycle your cervical mucus may become slippery or stretchy. You may notice the change in your cervix may change by position as around the time of ovulate.
  • The fertility calculator may sometime help you to give an idea about the time cycle of fertility and estimate time of ovulation.

Role of body temperature in ovulation:

The body temperature chart can help to recognize the fertility and ovulation. You may feel the change of 0.2 degrees C. This minute change in temperature fraction may not have prominent feeling but with the help of basal body temperature thermometer you can recognize this on daily bases. So the change in the temperature will tell that you are ovulated.

ovulation timing chart

This change is due to the process that egg stimulates the production of harmonic progesterone.  Before 2 or 3 days when you are changing your temperature you are most fertile. But the expert advice is, ‘it is too late to make your body’ that you are late to recognize your temperature is going to change. So the best point to get benefit from this procedure that you should test your body temperature for few months to get the pin point estimation about the timings. A chart will help you to understand the key days that about which cycle your body is changing or hormonal changes causing the shifts of your body temperature.