since the time she announce pregnancy… she still look like a teen age like a teeny bit peaky!!!!!!

kate appearance
All the parts of state has visited by the president of Singapore.
She is in its 13th week of pregnancy and going to welcome baby in April 2015.
She is a polite and creamy girl and suffering from hypermedia grevidrum – and some time severe morning sickness. She wore Alexandra McQueen coat dress and hat of Jane tailor.kate meeting

The duchess of Cambridge made her first public look since she announce about her pregnancy she have not came in front of camera. She is pregnant with her second child
She met with the president of Singapore .She is around 13 weeks pregnant with her second child and has been suffering with saver morning sickness. She was clearly enough to play a greater role in official welcome to Tony Tan Keng Yam.

But still she did´t have any baby pump as she was attending the public gathering.The airing that she was with are one of the favorite of her, she has wore them in a number of official occasions over the past few years. One visit which I remember was when she visit to watch synchronized swimming at London in 2012 Olympics