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Healthy Pregnancy diet

So when we talk about pregnancy the thing that click in mind Is what to eat and what should not. Most of the time women get stuck in different pregnancy issues that can easily be solved with healthy pregnancy diet.

Now, team of pregnancy hour has decided to make such a useful and easy diet plan that make the these issues less complicated and easier. The team has made Best healthy pregnancy diet plan that will assure your delivery easier and make this time period more and more light with the help of simple changing of food. Advance research Article published in American General of food sciences has mentioned that ” 60 percent pregnancy issues can be resolve with the help of diet management and good planning of eating habits.

Here we are going to revile some best eating habits and foods that can defiantly ease your pregnancy.

Healthy diet management during pregnancy

first thing that you have to take in mind is that which are best foods that will empower your body to handle this tough time of pregnancy.

> protein is a good power tool that every women need in good amount in 7th month of pregnancy.

> folic acid and iron are also empower your immune system and strengthen your bones so you will also need these contents in your daily food.

> More calories than daily routine are also needed because the consumption of these calories in now more and more. So more you are gaining calories more you will feel easy during pregnancy, because consumption is high.

Another thing that need to be take in mind that what is your health condition, weather you are healthy during or before your Pregnancy or you need some extra calories to be fit in the frame of pregnancy.

More often 300 extra calories are needed during second trimester per day, means an average healthy lady need this amount of of calories extra from ordinary diet manual. But if you are still quite healthy in your second trimester than you did’n need these 300 calories per day may be less than 100 , or in some cases according to your health it is required that you have to take 400 calories per day.

So these prescription are according to your health conditions. You should understand another main feature of your pregnancy that you should not be over weight or under weight either, means over weight will not let the baby grow freely and under weight will weak your baby.

There are some things that you need to avoid in your pregnancy:

These are some foods that will harm your new born baby and you have to avoid

1> do not eat raw sea food, it contain salts that are harmful for your new born baby.

2> you have to avoid oysters and sushi most when uncooked fully.

3> have to avoid unpasteurized milk, because this milk will resist blood flow that is most unnecessary.

4> also need to avoid cheese made of unpasteurized milk, it will increase cholesterol level and make your weasel narrow.

Since these were some important healthy pregnancy diet that also contain some foods that should avoid and some nutrition that are highly needed hope these information will fulfill your desire questions and complications.

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