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Healthy 9th month of pregnancy diet plan

Nine month of pregnancy is most critical and challenging period. In this time you have two feelings aside that you are going through a very tough time, and also a joy of new life that is going to take birth from you. So 9th month of healthy pregnancy balanced diet would be tough but most of time this toughness overcome with a feel of joy that critical time is just going to its end and new life is going to start. So in this time there are many things that need to be keeping in.

The most critical things that should be include after natural healthy eight month of pregnancy diet plan we have to work for this ninth month and need to overcome and pay attention to those are


  • Diet plan of this month is very important.
  • The physical activities that will definitely affect new born baby.
  • Mental activities are also important, to give impact on the baby social and personal behavior and attitude.
  • Warring about the health of your baby will assure that what kind of mother you are.

Ninth month of pregnancy food plan

In all these mentioned precautions diet plan is the most impotent that need to be check or balanced in this pregnancy time. In this end time of pregnancy, most of the baby parts have grown and new born is increasing weight as much as he/she can. So due to this gradual weight increase there is a constant stress on stomach of mother. Certain digestion disorders may arise in nine month due to constant stretch. The food plan is the only way to overcome this problem. The 7th month of pregnancy diet plan is somehow related to nine month but there are some major changes that will be in this article.

So the growth of newborn is also very important according to future health point of view. Baby is growing up to one third of pound per day. So it is the general recommendation of many professional doctors and midwifes to take 300 additional calories to boost up health of baby and mother as well. So the addition to these calories in a period of time when mother is having stressful stomach and additional diet is needed to fulfill the needs of both bodies, so the batter way to make this addition is that you have to make some best changes to the pre-pregnancy eating plan of your diet chart.

Food that should be include in 9 month of pregnancy.

so you have to put some calories in nine month so the variety of food should be like that, it should easy to digest and should boost your energy  requirement. So we are mentioning some food that need to be taken in cycles, which will make you own according to your interest or taste.


    • The foods that are rich in calcium are most needed or most important in the food plan. Such as milk, cottage cheese and butter. These dairy products are required in a balanced amount.
    • So to give ease to stomach from stress of food, cereals, nuts and whole grains will give you more energy in smaller stomach working, these are best choice in this month after 3-4 hours little in amount.
    • Protein in highly needed ingredient, the best food that rich in protein should be taken, such as fish and meat. But notice one thing that this food may difficult to digest; take this once or twice in every three days.
    • Vegetables and fruits are essential in the whole period of pregnancy. They give more ease or rehabilitation to stomach and have bunch of benefits.
    • Juices and soups are important, and add much more water in this diet plan. It will make you feel light.
  • Use coconut oil instead of other ghee and cholesterol oils, because coconut oil contain a chain of fats that will boost the energy requirements with a lighter dis-functioning.

The aim of this article to give you information about 9 month of pregnancy diet plan from that will ensure the reader benefits to create a healthy food plan in this critical time of pregnancy.

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