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Healthy 7 Month of Pregnancy Diet Plan

Here it is the 3rd trimester and the diet plan that includes fruits and vegetables is very important in this region of time. There would be an absolute excitement on your face about the news of the coming baby. The basic aim is to illustrate the issue and overcome with healthy diet. So the 7th month is quit important according to health of your pregnancy. There could be some symptoms can occur during this period so you can overcome these little issues by taking good and healthy diet plan.


In the period of pregnancy there may be some foods that you want to eat but your body should not need them or in other words these are not healthy for you, so you have to chose those foods that are healthy for your body and avoid those which are not needed so an healthy or good diet plan is always require for the best passage of this critical 7th month of pregnancy. So a helpful a diet plan to lose weight is also needed that will make you fit, for this plan should be managed through first to last trimester. By following the diet plan you can overcome certain health issues that are definitely present in this trimester. So chose those foods that are going to help the most.

Easy healthy recipes for pregnancy are always helpful. Mainly it is needed to work with diet of first to last trimester. Here we are going to illustrate some of the basic health issues and how to overcome these with the help of healthy diet plan

Reduce Heart burn in 7th month pregnancy through Diet Plan:

The issue of heart burn is quite natural in the 7th month because in this month of pregnancy due to the enlargement of uterus there induce some pressure to the stomach, due to the pressure on  the stomach there is some possible flow of certain acids from your stomach to the esophagus. These acids can cause heart burn.  To avoid this situation you have to avoid the bulky food and should take nutritious and health foods that give ease to the stomach. You should avoid foods that contain oil, high fats and spice as well. And keep your routine to eat after every 3 hour and not eat enough that you feel full.


Swelling of hands and feet:

So in this trimester of seventh month it is obvious to have swelling feet and hands, most of the ladies are worried about this situation. Sometimes this occurs in the first trimester so the second month of pregnancy diet plan is also helpful to prevent this issue. This is cause due to the difference of blood pressure means the blood flow to the vessel is not quite periodic because of the pressure induced in the heart through stomach. During third trimester body takes more amount of blood, so for this you need extra iron to maintain this good flow, the good amount of iron that should be taken is about 27mg per day. Failure o the good blood flow may cause premature delivery. So the food that is necessary to deal this situation should be rich in iron.

Protein and 7th Month Precautions

Protein is also very helpful in this era of time at this time of pregnancy the amino acid give you the boost to grow the body, remember that in  this time you are dealing with the growth of the body  of your baby not about your body. So According to the new research recommended amount of protein that is needed at this stage is about 75 -100 g per day.

Since these were some useful tips at 7 month of pregnancy diet plan that is necessary from the team of PregnancyHour. By encounter these tips you can find the best guideline to overcome your most difficulties. Here we have illustrated some of the common health related issues at the third trimester and how you can target them or get rid of these with the help of diet plan.

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