It is being considered that drinking during pregnancy is a taboo. New research shows that the alcoholic exposure case harmful effect on the new born during pregnancy. Out of 100 U.S child have health issues if they have alcoholic exposure during pregnancy, these health issues may be some type of behavior fluctuations may be social attitudes.
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The latest study on the U.S species shows that about 4.5 percent of new born have fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder. Or FASD. So stop drinking during pregnancy or non drinking habit are two different things means if you are habitually drink or stop drinking during or near pregnancy than the effect on the new born reduce to only 2.4 percent to 4.2 percent that a baby have habitual disorders. According to a lead researcher DR Philip said the high risk of the children per valance affected by drinking during pregnancy may be due to some social pressure or difficulty in changing the drinking habit.
Fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder:
 Harmful effects of drinking during pregnancy
Fetal spectrum disorder sometimes includes the fetal alcoholic severe spectrum and the children may have following disorders:
• Abnormal facial features
• Structural brain abnormalities
• Growth problems
• Behavior issues
• fetal alcohol syndrome:

drinking during pregnancy
The children with the less severe end of spectrum may suffer some disabilities, these disabilities are not so prominent such as these may include ability to complete any task at school or lack of interest in healthy activities.