According to the new research published in Diabetes Care. Mother who suffer from the gestational diabetes or were overweight cause high risk that the daughter would suffer from overweight in early child hood or later.  The long term research held in (Northern California) that include Multi-ethnic cohort 450 girls among their mothers, the study initially shows that the direct link of (hyperglycemia high blood glucose) that cause over weight in later.

Gestational diabetes cause overweight to daughter

According to  DR Ai kubo,( epidemiologist) that the glucose level of mother during pregnancy  directly effect to the new born baby causing overweight, particularly gestational diabetes have very strong effect of overweight. And if the mother is also overweight during pregnancy than its effect are more prominent on daughter.


Thirty mothers have been taken that are suffering from diabetes, for research purpose. So the girl who’s mother have diabetes has a risk of body mass index above the 85 percentile is 3.5 times greater than that of other women who didn’t suffer from decease . if the girl’s mother is also overweight along with gestational diabetes, her risk to be overweight is about 5.5 times higher .

Prof Kubo said that by taking care of gestational diabetes during and before pregnancy the risk of overweight in new born lady child can be control. Otherwise this cause the hormonal overweight problem to the body and it is difficult to deal with.