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Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

If you are unaware about fruits beneficial during pregnancy and to avoid others, click here and learn about them. Energy rich foods for patients of high blood pressure and diabetes are added here as well. Fruits to avoid during pregnancy are often told on routine checkups and visits to doctors, but still a diet chart with list of these foods are definitely good for health.

Time of pregnancy is very critical, your body begins to change and your new life is about to start so you need to be careful at every step of your life. During pregnancy women should be conscious about diet to avoid health issues so they use prescribed diet plan given by doctor. Unhealthy food will cause problems during pregnancy for you and your child so take nourishing food for better health of your child.

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Try to avoid fried food like fish and other sea foods because it is not easy to digest heavy and fried items, it also gains your body weight which not good sign of health. There are some foods you don’t have to eat during pregnancy time period.

  • Grapes and pineapples
  • Addictive beverages
  • Fish
  • Prefer fresh foods over storage items
  • Healthy snacks tips and ideas

Healthy Snacks Tips and Ideas


Fruits are good to eat during pregnancy but some fruits are not good while pregnancy time period like papaya. Use of papaya decreases time of pregnancy and leads to the danger causes like abortion. Commonly Asian women are using in large number and mostly do not consult to doctor in result they lost their pregnancy earlier or abortion. Use of papaya is not prohibited during critical time of pregnancy but use it properly can helps you a lot because it have vitamins and minerals which are good for your baby brain and body to develop it properly.

Use of Grapes and Pineapple

For healthy and good life people use fruits but sometime you are unable to use some fruits especially during pregnancy you need to be careful using eatables because a single wrong step can cause complications in you and your baby. Having grapes during pregnancy is not bad but you have to wash them properly before eating because farmers use different kind of sprays to save grapes from getting infected don’t use too much grapes it also damage baby health same case with the pineapple.

Foods and Fruits to Avoid

There is no limitation of using eatables while you are pregnant but you need to concern your doctor while using fried and frozen food. Frozen food contain a lot of bacteria which will harm your baby and produce complications in proper growth so you need to avoid using freeze items instead of using them, you can go for the fresh fruits and juices which are beneficial for both.

Use of greasy items can produce fats and you will increase your body weight and fats which not good for health so be careful while using eatables that they are not harmful for your health and most importantly your baby too.

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