Frozen embryo transfer(FET)

This transformation wonderful procedure that this mechanism we transfer frozen embryo taken from the previous in vitro fertilization are processed and than transferred to the uterus. Generally for the six blastocyst stage there are embryos for freezing, are taken from the fresh ivf with a 39 percent chance of giving high quality blastocyst stage.


The choice of embryos available for freezing mostly depends upon the age of women. In past years 50 percent available Embryos for freezing were available for the women of age between 30-39. and small percentage available for over age pregnancy.

We will discuss thee most common question that have been put on the FET. So the most common question that arise to the mind is that what can women do with the frozen cycle. So the behind story is that the visibility of the embryo can be seen at initial stages of in starting time. There can be two possibilities that the patients may have unsuccessful cycle or either they have good possibility of fertility to deliver a baby. There is always a good option of FET to grow there family with maximum chances to success.

Is start The success story of this process is much alike to the IVF cycle, that the patient see same indication for primary success of fertilization. The rate of success through frozen embryo is much closer to the IVF cycle. For some women some times it may take several years from initial freeze to the attempting embryo, or some time it could happened in first attempt. So it mainly depends upon the ability of patient and the age of the women play important role as in IVF. It is right to say that the potential of success in the FET is same as fresh IVF cycle.

How Frozen embryo transfer works:

There are people who are more curious about, how it works. The exact process is mostly depend upon doctor and hospital that has equipments of what kind for the processing of frozen cycle. The most common steps are
after two or three days of fertilization, the most energetic embryos are taken to transfer.
Embryos are passed to the tube that well inserted through carvx, in the way made by speculum that keep vagina apart.
It is recommended to move with a most comfortable habitual living style after few days of this transformation.
There may seen heavy implantation bleeding After two weeks it is recommended to take pregnancy test.

Comparison between IVF and FET:

to emphasize the effectiveness of this procedure we have to take a comparison between fresh IVF cycle and frozen transformation. The hysterical impact between pregnancy rates of percentage embryo transfer and maternal age shows, the pregnancy rate in these two process cycle are similar for the women less than age 35.

embryo treatment chart the comparison shows that at the age of 35 to 37 the rate of success with IVF is 45% and with FET is IVF is 40% . Age between 38-40 the fresh IVF cycle is more and at the age above 40 the frozen cycle percentage increase so the over all picture shows that at average the fresh Embryonic transfer is more effective.
so these were the information’s about Frozen embryo transfer(FET) and comparison with IVF treatment. hope these information will lead you to healthy pregnancy.

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