Fertility awareness method

The thing that is need to be take or in mind or necessary to pay attention is the fertility awareness method means, that at what time you are more and necessary fertile. In this possess that things that comes in mind are, to read your body with a fact that when it is ready for fertility, and what are the core situations when you are going for birth control. So these things are needed or necessary to pay attention because they helps you in the situations like that when you are dealing with birth control issue and when it comes at the situation to achieve pregnancy. For these both situations you need to take help with your body signals that will definitely helps you to make them achieved.

So in this article we basically deal with the situation like, fertility awareness mean that basic awareness method which will empower your body in a reproductive healthy way and give you sexual empowerment. There are some test such as in vitro fertility test and clomid challenge test for fertility are available. So these basic awareness criteria will help In a way that once you hence knowledge but fertility process or time signals of your body that it defiantly give you a clue to prevent birth.

Signals of fertility:

there are many signals of the fertility that can be explore from the body, here we will tell you some most common signals that you can easily recognize fertility. The first one is the temperature that will vary gradually in the fertility time period. Mean at that time there are most probability to achieve pregnancy. One can make this easy by making a chart of temperature check daily at morning and that will give you a signal about that you are in your fertile period or not.

The second thing that can be observe is the cervix mucus that need to be observed throughout the day. If the mucus is starched throughout the day than it is most probability to achieve pregnancy in these days and if it is normal than no need to worry about pregnancy ´yes you are free to do this´

the average time that these two signals can happened is about eight to ten days, mean that the fertility signals in one period may occur eight to ten time for an healthy women. About 1/3 healthy women achieve this fertility time mostly. So if you want to achieve pregnancy that you are free to move any where but if the wish is to avoid this than it is needed to take a barrier window method that is quite useful to prevent this.

So these were some basic but effective mechanism about fertility awareness method that need to be take in mind for both situation when you want and do not want to achieve pregnancy.

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