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Can antibiotics prolong your period?

Here in this article we will assure you some more about the effect of these antibodies on the menstrual cycle. We have found some more about the connection between antibodies and there effect on the menstrual cycle. So we have some observations that will assure Effect of Antibiotics on Menstrual Cycle.

We had some research on some sample persons and the effects that we observed should share you that experimental evidence give us some important facts about the effects of antibodies.

The first person that is effected by the antibodies has 5 days late in her periods and pregnancy test was negative. The sample person had fervor four days before and had antibodies to cure fever. The thing that need to be notice that, with in four days these fever control tablets made the menstrual cycle delay of five days that is quite shocking.

On some people we had observed that antibodies can cause of effect ovulation period. These can delay ovulation and on the other hand delay in your period can be seen. If you made test some day and repeat some other day, you will not have the periods arrive at the same time.

The medical effect of antibody is that it start metabolize the liver and at the same time estrogen is metabolized, the main cause of these pills is that to speed up the metabolic Functionality and reducing the presence of estrogen in blood. In women it is needed to follicular phase and to stimulate the ovaries mean in the process of producing egg and make changes in the endometrium. So if there is lack of estrogen than automatically delay in periods occur and delay the ovulation process.

Here we gave you some brief information about the question can antibiotics prolong your period? Hope you will get ideas to better your health.

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