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Best safe medications during pregnancy

It is the natural thing in the pregnancy having some little issues that may cause due to weather changes or some stomach issues that arise due to the diet plan that may change frequently during the trimesters of pregnancy. So the question arise here that what are the safer medication that can be use in the pregnancy. There are some medication that you can take in this time that you may have taken at that time when you were not pregnant. But there as well some medications that are not need to take, because of some harmful effect on the health of mother and newborn as well.


The thing that should take in mind of every pregnant women that she should consult the doctor and take a brief review of medicine that should take or other that are not necessary. So the brief knowledge is needed to understand the weight of risk and benefits of the medicines. Generally the case is that you should avoid that OTC medicine that you are taking in routine.

Here we will illustrate some of medicine that are safe in normal routine and also in the pregnancy, for further conformation you should consult the doctor otherwise according to my experience these are the safer one, if followed by the prescriptions on packets.

Medicines those are safe during pregnancy:


Here we will illustrate some of medications to take during pregnancy with no harmful effects.

  • The medicine that may needed to taken in the first month of pregnancy are Bebadryl and Claritin, these are contain salts that reduce rashes and allergy in this time.
  • The medicine for flu due to cold are Tylenol, saline nasal, and warm salt water gargle, in the case of any sudden reaction one should consult the doctor immediately.
  • The antihistamines medicines are chlopheniramine, doxylamine, phenindamine, and triprolidin that contain low risk in pregnancy and may cause some feeling of sleepiness while taking after 2 to 3 hours.
  • Dextromethorphan deals with cough, old study about these remedies tells that it because certain birth issues but theory has many flaws and till I has taken as a helpful medication.
  • The drug that deals with sour throats is local benzocaine, the benefit of this medicine is that it does not get into the bloodstream so little risk to harm or affect birth.
  • The general remedies that are needed are pain reliever and to reduce fever reduction. Acetaminophen is the best one to cure this, the long study about this tells that it is safe to take this in pregnancy and can be taken more than the recommended doze.
  • The drugs that can be use for constipation are colace and Metamucil contain low risk and less effective to child birth.

So these were   best safe medications during pregnancy  that can be taken, the aim of this article was that to give you the basic knowledge of the medicines that if needed in emergency situations, for the best result you should consult your doctor of further help you can contact  with team of Pregnancy Hour.

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