The need it to be aware of obesity risk and what ate the causes during pregnancy. The thing need to understand what to expect during pregnancy. And for this we have to take account for childhood obesity statistics. The research shows that antibodies are the main cause of obesity during pregnancy.

This report is confirmed by the times of new York magazine. According to the new study is has been reveled that the use of antibodies during pregnancy may increase the risk of obesity in the new born child. gestational diabetes also cause the obesity in the newborn child. 

The research has been took place in California where the researcher took 500 mothers as their research species. They gathered data of the child from the birth to the 7 year, after controlling the gestational age, weight at birth, mental body growth and the social index they found the women that took the antibodies during the 2nd and third trimester of their diet plan cause the obesity in their child about 84%, means the high risk if the obesity is associated to the antibodies during pregnancy.

antibodies effect

There is another side effect of the antibodies, or the women who take antibodies during their pregnancy trimesters take a risk of 46 percent of cesarean along with them. And the increase risk of obesity in the offspring in the brightness of previous study.

For now there is no clear data that which antibodies are going to effect which part and where it gonna be effect. mean the the mechanism in unclear, and the study about which we are familiar or we are dealing with only take sudden association, according to Noel T. Mueller researcher at university of Columbia. He said the exchange of antibodies to the baby through parental exchange may effect the colonization of bacteria in the babies gut. According to him that if he gathers all the knowledge of antibodies to make the equation the balanced the effect to the health of mother and newborn, he would conclude that there are many legitimate uses of antibodies mainly during pregnancy.

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