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Major risk in over 35 pregnancy

It these days it is a fashion to have baby in later age. Most of the ladies of upper class of society do not want pregnancy in their early age of fertility. It is latest cultural disorder that every lady want to be pregnant in the age of 35 or more. So being 35 or more the high risk of certain conditions during pregnancy may increase.

Where only age in not the factor that make your pregnancy doomed to health but there are also some other factors that includes in your body that may cause you some problem

along with your new born.
So become an older mommy may have some advantages such as one might be thinking for the secure financially some time may having more life experience . most older ladies have healthy babies but still there are chances that your age could develop certain problems.

Major risks:

Remember one thing again that most of the ladies 35 and more suffer through normal pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies but still the risk of some pregnancy hidden problems in high in average as compared to younger ladies.Some of the major risks that a lady could suffer due to overweight are;In older ladies the most common defect is Birth defect. Women likely have a baby that has chromosome disorder.

This type of disorder starts from birth and most of the time it is difficult to overcome. But if your age is around 25 than the risk of being Down Syndrome become negligible, such as it left only one percent out of thousand. But if you are around 35 or more than the risk become high of getting in problems of pregnancy. But if good prenatal care may rescue to these abnormalities.

Abnormalities in Reproduction:

there may include the structural problem in a uterus or in cervix that may increase the risk and difficulties, that includes miscarriage. These problems some time are the major cause of cesarean delivery.

Medical risk of overage pregnancies:

the women are age more or near 35 have higher probabilities of developing medical conditions, such as they may suffer from high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and placenta irregularities during pregnancy. These medical implication can cause severe impact on both the mother and fetus. So the medical complications are high in the women overage 35.


Maternity care of old age ladies:
on the regular bases screening, blood tests are also very important during the prior of pregnancy for the expected mother to make her prepare for the birth and receive early treatment to reduce the risk of complications in pregnancy.

Since these were some important informations about the cure the Mjour risk in over 35 pregnancy of from the team of pregnancy hour hope these informations will helps you to make your self save from the difficulties and problems during pregnancy.

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