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how i have pregnancy symptoms before implantation

Implantation means that how your baby is growing the complete growth of your baby is confined in the implantation. We start with the limb we give you information about the question that how you can have pregnancy symptoms before implantation It is the initial stage of your pregnancy tiny limb buds appear from your body this growth is due to the production of arms and legs. The heart and the lungs of newborn began to grow. Heart start to beat from the 22nd day of your pregnancy. Neutral tubes begain to form that makes brain and spinal card.
In this era your baby making tiny ball that consist of tiny hundreds of cells that multiply madly day by day. Once the biastocyst takes up space in uterus. This part will develope the placenta that start to produce pregnancy harmons HCG(human chorionic gonadotopin) that tells the ovaries to stop releasing eggs and pushes production of estrogen progesterone. HGC is the harmon that makes the pregnancy test positive.
One thing here is to note that every baby developes in his own way even the womb the pregnancy hour team gives you the general idea of development of baby.
How your life change during:
Implantation makes a momentous meeting that has takes place in your body. A simple little sperm has broken through the tough membeine of your egg and fertilize it. After some days this egg is taken to the uterus and starts to grow in your body. A charming thing is happening a baby In you is growing a thing is making. You starts to grow and glow with the blessing of God and the precious love will make you happy. So the implantation may cause the egg burrowing through the rich blood uterine lining. But it is not for sure the spotting is very lightly and only some of pregnant women will go through this.

pregnancy implantation
2nd month of implantation:
The majour body parts of the baby starts to glow mean starts to grow, like brain formation the structural phenomenon of heart. The placenta grown in the uterus and supplies oxygen and food that required by the baby in 2nd month of pregnancy. But through this gat way you can pass alcohol, smoke and other type of drugs, so in these days you have to stop alcoholic drinks.
so the basic task of the PregnancyHour is to give the basic idea about the changing of your life due to implantation.

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